Apple is thinking about smart home robots, but the road seems to be uphill

There are several companies that are thinking about the development of humanoid robots. Among these realities we can include Applewith the former Google John Giannandreaalready responsible for SYRIA and Apple Car, to oversee related projects. In fact, according to recent rumors, Cupertino is designing a small robot capable of following the user around and another equipped with a large iPad on its arm.

There is still little information about it, very little, but it seems that Apple’s ideas refer to a robotic trend that has already been seen recently. For example, Useful Samsung bot, a vacuum cleaner-like robot with a stalk on top and a single articulated arm, with tasks like picking up after you or sorting your dishes. Samsung is also designing the Ballie, which includes a projector that can be used for movies or video calls.

While waiting for more information on Apple’s future robots, we remind you that Amazon has also entered this market segment with starthe $1,600 home robot, available by invitation only.

LG, on the other hand, is developing the Q9 “Ai Agent,” a smart home controller that can guess the user’s mood and consequently play mood-appropriate music.

In any case, until today, the technology of robots seems quite immature and it seems like it could take decades for Apple or any other company to launch fully useful and functional devices. In this sense, at the moment, even AI does not seem capable of providing significant support.

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