Find out what it means to be a hero in the new Fable trailer: release date revealed!

How long have we heard about the new chapter of Fairy tale? After more than 14 years and two ill-fated spin-offs, the action-adventure follow-up to 2010’s hit Fable III has debuted in a new trailer, revealing a release date and some interesting details (by the way, find out our selection of best pc games AND Xbox).

Last we heard fairytale there was a trailer at last year’s Xbox event, but now with the latest video just shared on YouTube we can find out new details in much expected action adventure.

From what we can see in the short video, the game resumes original structurewith a fabulous style environment and a games in the third person. From the trailer we can find out how a (former) hero named Humphry, once one of Albion’s greatest, will be forced out of his well-deserved retirement.”when a mysterious figure from his past threatens Albion’s very existence“.

Apparently, to face this dark threat your choices will be extremely important, but other details have not been revealed.

From the trailer, which offers an ironic style and cutting scenes cinematic, we cannot infer much other than the intention to feed ours curiosity was totally hit.

The most interesting news, however, is date of exit. As you can read at the end of the video, Fable will be published in 2025, while in the game’s official website on Xbox has been confirmed to be available on Game Pass on launch day for Xbox

We remember that Fable was developed by Playground gamesthe development team known for the Forza Horizon series.

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