Taylor Zakhar Perez has found the best way to wear a leather jacket

In all fairness, Taylor Zakhar Perez is a risk taker. Since its release in 2023, the cheesy romantic comedy; Red, white and blue blood His face is twisted and sometimes on the red carpet. From double-denim line-ups to Donatchy, Miu Miu puts sleeveless and dressy moments. Pradaas a man of certain taste he deserved honours. But now he has chosen to teach us the leather as well.

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We know that the fabric is not easy. It may seem a little too modest. Let it be seen a little Matrix, it may seem… well, not as easy to wear as cotton or denim, especially since it’s not a classic leather jacket. And this is the very point: Zakhar Perez found the key simply by going beyond the rules.

At the SAG-AFTRA Foundation conference, she wore a black fur coat. No, but no just. It is cut with a modern, suitable box. Features small tactical pockets for a nice touch. And of * Louis Vuittonwhat more He wore it underneath T-shirt in wide-leg wrap pants that wouldn’t have been out of place in Giorgio Armani’s “90s” collection. The whole thing is over and the leather belt and from * classic moccasins.

Here’s the secret behind this look: first, get a soft skin that’s more than shiny. It is a little less meaty, a little more “precious”. Next, be the primary dresser. Even if you wear pants, t-shirt and so on accessories All are notable, here are the supporting actors, as it should be. By keeping the colors neutral and the pieces basic, the leather speaks for itself.

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