Tried the new Technogym Checkup and discovered my true fitness age

After accepting the Technogym app for registration and getting on the totem platform, the first thing I did was grab two loops with a sensor. After a few minutes the algorithm is “reading” my body age and getting it right. Like? Measuring weight, fat and lean mass, basal metabolic rate, BMI, percentage of skeletal muscle mass, fat mass, total body water and water percentage. I thought mine too the health of the age was inferior. But we do not give up, ready for the next test, which can confirm or overturn the result.

During the “mobility” test, ie the assessment of the joints and flexibility, the totem, through the Iot sensor, read the movements of my body in some bending of the abdomen, shoulders and trunk. This test raised my spirits, giving me a few years less, 5 to be exact. That shows how much I’m a true sweetheart at heart (but not quite fit in the GenX parameters, at least in terms of flexibility).

To complete the experience, there were other tests that were set up to obtain a detailed “healthy age”: after I had to measure general suppression and mobile inhibition. By force And cardiothat is, the vigilance of bodily performance, equanimity, and even of mind. All parameters can be measured by different technology devices, such as a connected exercise bike for cardio or a new one. science flees for the type of analysis Biostrength to exercise strength. In short, an accurate assessment by AI that becomes an oracle of a certain fit, capable of tailoring training to your initial conditions and prescribing your goals. Whether it’s losing weight, gaining muscle mass, improving sports performance or maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

All I have to do is try to complete the experience soon, because of the app that I can use at any time with my updated profile. Finally, we always seek the approval of someone or something, be it a real coach or an artificial intelligence that tells us that we are worthy, maybe a hair above average of our peers and that we are doing the right thing, guiding and accompanying us. us to salvation. The future is served in fitness.

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