Today is WWDC day: what to expect from iOS 18

There are only a few hours left WWDC 2024developer conference where it will be presented iOS 18. The new version of the operating system (which will debut with iPhone 16) will have many functions based on artificial intelligence: as reported by Bloombergthe Apple company will call this feature set Apple Intelligence (playing on the acronym AI, Artificial intelligence).

Apple Intelligence will be the basis of many new features available for iPhone, iPad and Mac: exceptChatGPT integration as a chatbot, it will actually have some new functions based on Apple’s proprietary LLM.

HE really will integrated into many system applications: for example, it will be able to perform summaries on Safari web pages, but also on the texts of messages and emails, as well as provide an overview of missed notifications.

Additionally, it will be able to suggest replies to messages and emails, transcribe voice memos, better organize emails (with Gmail-style labels) and delete elements from photos (as already seen on the Galaxy S24 and Pixel). .

Another feature that will be talked about a lot will be that The emoji generation: iPhone will use artificial intelligence to create emoji based on what we’re typing (for the avoidance of doubt, we’re talking about new emojis created at the moment, different from all existing ones).

Finally, Siri will undoubtedly also benefit from AI-based innovations: not only will direct interaction be improved, but the voice assistant will be able to perform specific actions within applications (for example, delete an email, edit a photo or summarize an article).

Many compatible iPhones, but few will have all the new features

AI based features will appear partly in the cloud, partly on premise: Part of Monday’s event will reportedly focus on explaining cloud computing security, which, as you’d expect from Apple, will focus heavily on privacy and protecting data shared by users.

Local processing will be one of Apple’s strengthsbut it seems there will be consequences: in fact, regardless iOS 18 will be compatible with iPhone XS and above, only the new iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 16 will be able to use all the new functions based on AI.

As for Macs, however, to have all the functions you would need to use a computer with it M1 chips or higher.

All other news

On the other hand, even those who don’t have an iPhone 15 Pro will find themselves with plenty of interesting new features.

iOS 18 will be the first version of the operating system to deliver greater possibility of customization of the House: it will be possible to position applications freely (without being forced to occupy all network spaces) e icons can be customized. For example, users will be able to organize their apps by color, making all social media app icons blue, all personal finance apps green, etc.

There will be news about Control centerwhich will have a new interface and can be divided into multiple pages, a lot of small news about the Messages app (but also a big news: adoption of the RCS protocol), the ability of the Calendar app to integrate appointments from the Reminders app, and several new features for the Health app, including a hearing test that can be performed with AirPods.

Finally, there will also be a new app called Password (which will be the now familiar iCloud Keychain, but deployed as a password manager) and, finally, a native Calculator app for the iPad.

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