It’s time for VisionOS 2, but for now there is no Apple Vision Pro in Italy

If last year was WWDC e VisionProthis year users’ anticipation of news related to Apple’s viewer was partially overtaken by the AI-related features of Apple Intelligence and its applications in operating systems.

However, vision it is now in its second generation and brings a host of much-needed features updates to improve user experience. Not only that, but Apple also announced the arrival of VisionPro also in markets other than the American one. Unfortunately, Italy is excluded.

What’s new in visionOS 2

visionOS 2 introduces a number of new features. The most obvious is a new feature virtual visualization ultrawide that allows you to connect the Vision Pro to a Mac to generate an ultrawide dual curved display with 4K resolution. Right now, the virtual screen feature allows a single up to 5K.

It will also be added mouse support to Vision Pro, which was left out at first.

Apple Vision Pro will display the user’s physical Magic Keyboard, even when they’re in an immersive environment or using an app.

An overdue update is the ability to rearrange apps on the home screen, and this includes iPad and iPhone apps. Not only that, but they will be there new gestures to evoke the home screen, display Control center and even just check battery life or time (by rotating your wrist, like when you want to check the time on your watch).

An innovation in which Apple has invested a lot has to do with the possibility of create space photos directly from the Photos app library and it will be possible to share them with other people who have Apple Vision Pro, or use SharePlay in the Photos app with your spatial profile (Person).

As seen in the image below, this feature is quite extraordinary, and also allows you to view photos or edit documents together in real space.

And if you’ve got family or friends you want to share the headset with, Apple says it’ll store guest users’ hand and eye data for 30 days, making it a whole lot easier. use from other users.

Apple also mentioned a new environment, Snow Snow.

Other news is about Apple Immersive Video, a storytelling format that uses 8K 3D video with a 180° viewing angle and spatial audio to transport the user to the center of the action, but there isn’t much at the moment. Apple has stated that they are others to comelike a new series of Red Bull.

The Cupertino company also said it will make it possible to watch online video players like YouTube, Netflix AND Amazon (which have not released native apps for the viewer) regardless of the Safari browser, while Apple TV now supports up to five simultaneous streams in multiview and the ability to stream content via AirPlay from an iPhone, iPad or Mac.

The company also included several other third-party ads, including that one Blackmagic design throwing”the first camera system available on the market” and an update to DaVinci Resolve Studio to support Apple Immersive Video, while Canon is releasing a new spatial lens for the EOS R7, designed specifically for content creation for Vision Pro

Vision Pro comes to other countries, but not to Italy

The other news, which we’ve been predicting for the last few months, is that the Vision Pro will arrive abroad. From June 13th at 6pm PT it will be available for pre-order in China, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore on June 13th at 6pm PT, with availability from June 28th.

Starting June 28th at 5:00am PT it will be possible to pre-order at Australia, Canada, France, Germany AND United Kingdom, with availability from July 12. Not Italy, that is. But at least it’s getting close.

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