Simon Porte Jacquemus is clearly the fashion of men in Capri

The dynamic French label is the fastest growing menswear sector James, you are definitely burning in the rising world due to the turnover rate that doubles every year. Why?

To ask for an answer Gwyneth Paltrow which passed through the red brick roof on Monday afternoon Casa Malaparte on the island of Capri to a seat in the first row of the parade James of this time. While waiting for the samples to come out under the hot champagne sun, he explained why he joined the founder and designer Simon Porte Jacquemusalthough the weeks are not exactly regular.

“You know, my son usually becomes passionate, he is obsessed,” he pointed out to me Gwyneth Paltrow hiding from the sun’s rays under an umbrella. “It was not time to say that I received an invitation from Jacquemus and he immediately urged me: “Mom, we must go.” So I had nothing else to say and I replied: “Okay!”

The behavior of running people can sometimes seem too complicated or grandiose, but Simon Jacques It offers an alternative that tastes fresh. The clothes also create fun and confidence, with a slightly rustic French style and a touch of surrealism. The approach is so popular with young people all over the world that most of its clients are younger than 34 years old. Monday, in the historic village of the nineteenth century, with the help of famous people is so loved by young people Paltrow, Two lips And Jennykicked off the men’s fashion in a memorable show of the season.

In a fashion event, the men’s collection of the spring summer season 2025 kicked off last week in London. now it’s by Pitti UomoMilan and Paris. On the way to Casa Malaparte there was much discussion about Chanel and who would take her place Virginie Viard in the role of creative director, after the death announcement. I’m sure more will be announced in the next few days.

One hypothesis that has not yet been made is seeing work Pharrell Williams For Chanel. Although it is likely that he will move to another major luxury brand, remember that the multi-talented artist has already collaborated with Chanel in 2019 and has a close relationship with him. Karl Lagerfeld. Could he be the one to launch a line of men at Chanel? It is unlikely, although the universe has taught us that anything can be!

Simon Porte Jacquemuson the other hand, it does not seem to be involved in major changes. Capreis celebrated the 15th anniversary of his brand with a fashion show and repeated that he wants to work in the future, without being attracted only by money: “It is not my priority.” Despite the rumours, he confirmed that he is not willing to go to the charity in order to increase his brand.

Courtesy of James

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Courtesy of James

But why not change the meaning? James the Door he runs an independent business that allows him to organize off-the-record shows in hilarious locations White Lotus times when he can be the center of social media. On Monday, attention was focused on the roof of the iconic Malaparte house, which was filmed in the movie Contempt Of John Luc Godard.

In the preview, before they actually show, enter the study in the second layer of the map Curzio Malapartea writer and diplomat who built a red brick building in the late 1930s; James the Door He said he founded his brand when, at nineteen, he dropped out of popular school after observing it several times Contemptcaptured by aesthetics new waveMediterranean color with a simple palette and elegance Brigitte Bardot And Michael Piccoli. “I was so bound,” says Porte Jacquemus, “that I began to create my first collection from it.” Since then, he had seen this place host the show. “It’s time full-circle.”

While she initially looked to show off some over-the-top formal wear in Caprese, she decided to keep it simple. “I was scared when I got home, because beauty can be very dangerous,” Porte Jacquemus said, always a romantic soul. “You just can’t play with beauty when you love something so pure.”

Through the brand’s record sales, menswear represented about half of the collection, a notable first for the brand. Porte Jacquemus said of this season’s rugged offering, which emphasized a structured sailor silhouette, tight-fitting cut-out loincloths with fluttering sailor pairs. striated style. Navy peacoats with sailor collars gave a touch of style, as did the narrow hooded bands that many of the men wore in the famous costume of the Queen of the Goats. Jackie O. “When we started the collection, we looked at all the photos of Capres taken by the paparazzi, it was very minimal, just white and blue sailor Capres wearing pants. I found it so refreshing and necessary to suddenly look back at that simplicity.

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