Nova Launcher is never boring: check out the great features with the new update

In the Android landscape personalization has always played a prominent role, even for those who have always used the phone in stock condition. AND Nova Launcher has always represented a reference point in this context.

One of best launchers ever for Android is in circulation for more than 10 years, and during this time it has always had excellent and accurate software support. We saw almost none irrelevant updates of Nova Launcher, and among the most important is the one that just came out.

The new Nova Launcher update comes under beta program of the issuer. It is actually beta release 8.1which brings the following new features:

  • of Nova Launcher card they become more customizable. Now users can customize the content displayed, but also set conditions under which cards become visible. Cards allow access to specific applications and services, such as contacts. Definitely a convenience when interacting with multiple apps at the same time.
  • There is also some news coming about the so-called Smart folders, or smart files proposed by the issuer. These will now be able to automatically categorize apps based on their nature.
  • of Nova Now feeds will allow you to set up an entire screen dedicated to smart cards and folders. Nova Launcher should also let you choose between the Google feed and Nova Now, but also let them coexist, switching from one to the other with a swipe. It is expected that Nova Now will also allow customization of the display order of the apps included in the cards based on the display of certain conditions. These new features haven’t been implemented yet, but they should come with future updates to the launcher.

The update just described is currently available being distributed to all those who have previous Nova Launcher beta.

ABOUT join the beta you will need to register at this address, and then wait for the beta update to arrive on the Play Store. Alternatively, you can install Nova Launcher beta by downloading the apk from the official siteand then continuing by hand.

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