‘A computer is not a keyboard’: Apple blocks PC emulator from both App Store and third-party stores

Apple’s (forced) opening towards i MArKet from the third parts they emulators for the console has ignited an enthusiasm among Apple users, but that does not mean that everyone can do whatever you want (take a look at how to install AltStore PAL, Setapp Mobile AND Aptoide).

The Cupertino company has actually just rejected the proposal UTM for its emulator open source PC for iPhone.

Many will know UTM for it Open source Windows emulator for Mac that had been too provided in Vision Pro last year, but you probably didn’t know that the developer also created one version for iPhone and iPad.

Like the one for mac, this tool allows you to run any operating system such as Windows XP OR linux, within an iOS app, but for now it’s necessary to use it, for those who don’t want to jailbreak, a device with iOS 11, 12 OR 13 AND AltStore (you can find it here our guide to it).

But now Apple allows the publication of emulators for consoles in the App Store, then UTM proposed his application. The answer was surprising and final: the Apple company rejected UTM as a “PC is not a console“.

Not only that, but Apple has also blocked the release of UTM on third-party app stores (only available in the EU), which still require a certificate.

UTM alleges that Apple refused to certify the app because of the infringement rule 4.7which covers “mini apps, mini games, streaming games, chatbots, plugins and game emulators“, and according to them it is included in Notarization review guidelines.

In reality, the question is more complex, because in Notarization review guidelines Rule 4.7 does not appear, as you can see by going to the page Application Review Guidelines and selecting the Show only notarization review instructions option. By doing so, rule 4.7 is disabled, along with other rules

So in theory Apple’s auditors would be on injustice, but UTM had no intention of contesting the decision.

As stated in a post about X, the developers consider a useless effort question (literally, “it is not worth fighting to publish it“), because anyway emulator does not provide satisfactory performance.

This is because, since iOS distributed apps cannot use a The JIT compiler (except for specially licensed alternative browser engines), the functionality and performance of emulators running through UTM SE are compromised.

If you still want to take a look at the project, you can go to the website UTM for iOSwhile here you find it UTM for Mac (it’s also available on the App Store for a fee, if you want to help).

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