LEGO Tetris is a truly fantastic project: seeing is believing!

One of the most popular games of all time can become a set LEGO, with fans of the popular brick can get their hands on a unique product. Let’s talk about the band LEGO Tetris.

LEGO Fan Italia Group

The LEGO Tetris set arrives as part of the initiative LEGO Ideasone that allows all enthusiasts to conceive, create and propose your idea of unreleased LEGO sets. If the popular consensus rewards the initiative and LEGO positively evaluates its feasibility, then the group will come really marketed.

Precisely in this context, on the occasion of 40th anniversary of the game originally proposed by Alexey Pajitnov, comes the LEGO set Tetris. The set received excellent popular acclaim, considering this at least 10,000 users they officially voted for it. This means he can switch to evaluation phase before implementation.

The LEGO Tetris set, as you can see from The images in the gallery and from video demo published by the creator victorvey300is one physical transposition of the popular digital game.

The set reproduces the structure of Tetris in a faithful and detailed way: we find the grid of different shapes for the components, the matrix that shows the preview of the subsequent pieces and the basket from which we take the pieces to insert them into the game grid.

We find a reset button to start over, even displaying the ranking of the best results. In short, a really well-crafted set that comes in one resealable case of classic Tetris logo done to perfection.

As mentioned above, the LEGO Tetris set we just looked at is still under evaluation on LEGO’s part, that means we’re not sure we’ll get to see it. Upon reaching 10,000 votes, LEGO congratulated the creator, reporting that the group will move to review stage to decide if it can be achieved.

This phase, which will begin next September, will see LEGO Review Board engaged to assess whether the set in question meets the standards expected by the company, such as playability, safety and fit with the LEGO brand.

For further details, please refer page dedicated to the LEGO Tetris project.


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