How to follow Vogue World: Paris 2024 in live streaming

The Vogue World: Paris 2024 It’s almost here. The event will be held on June 23 in a historic event Place Vendome But if you can’t live in Paris, there’s still a chance to enjoy the fun. Necessary and unique Dearest Delevingne . . Carinus Roitfeld, Kamara lb And John Costa Paz. He is behind the camera Sam Wrenchdirector of Taylor Swift: The Era Tour while art direction is committed Parris GoebelThe mind behind the choreography Rihanna for the 2022 Super halftime show, and Mrs. Pat McGrath makeup oversees planning. Given the names, we can safely say that this case will not be mistaken, here to modify the live stream;

How can I live upstream? Vogue World: Paris 2024?

We live from Vogue World: Parisproduced Lake Thiefis accessible to viewers around the world at, as well as via YouTube and the Runway Vogue app (iOS app download this “ and the Android app this “).

What time does it start to live?

The live stream will start at 9pm (Italy) on June 23.

Who will host the live stream?

Model / actress Dearest Delevingne He will direct the event and be the spokesperson for Vogue World’s huge celebration of French fashion, sport and the city of Paris itself.

What will happen in Vogue World: Paris?

Edition 2024 Vogue World: Paris It was created in collaboration with youth sports academies across France. The event combines various sports, cycling, gymnastics, tennis, fencing and among others, with other decades of French fashion, starting from the 1920s. The show will be an archetype of contemporary and historical French designers, as well as houses that present their traditional Parisian collections. The cast will include over 500 athletes, artists, guests and amazing models, among them Kendall Jenner, Loli Bahia, Paloma Elesser, Ashley Graham, Jill Kortleve, Aurelia Gray And Coenobium Champion.

But who is doing it? Vogue World: Paris?

This is still top secret: you’ve been scouted for streaming.

I will be in Paris at the end of June. I still can’t buy tickets Vogue World?

Yes, tickets Vogue World: Paris are available for purchase this “but you better use it while you are free.

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