Stomach and brain talk to each other. Another good reason to eat well

If you ask yourself why the intestinal microbiota always comes back into play in recent times when we talk about a healthy diet, the organism’s greatest efficiency and strength. protection of the internal organs of the bodynot to have all pathologies (practically) all pathologies, a short list of the countless scientific studies that have been compiled in the last decade should be enough to know what happened.

What is the intestinal microbiota?

“Once upon a time we talked about the “intestinal bacterial flora” because it was believed to be made up only of bacteria. Now we know that there is a real ecosystem, including fungi, viruses, yeasts, archaea… done, explains Maria Rescigno, vice-rector of research at the University of Humanities and head of the laboratory of Mucosal Immunology and Microbiota of Humanity. . Finally, he does this: “A intestinal microbiota A healthy person sees two types of micro-organisms: beneficial ones, called symbionts, which control inflammation; and more virulent pathobionts. “

Who, according to classic action movie writers, could have the roles of “good guys” and “bad guys” respectively. Except that – despite the name (“You really are a pathobion”, we like it, as a creative insult) these are not exactly “enemies”. Rather, they are necessary to “teach our immune system, which also includes microorganisms, to defend themselves against each other.” Again, in sum, the general health of the organism depends on this balance; however, when a family of microorganisms takes over, dysbiosis opens the door to problems of various kinds.

What relationship does it have with the brain?

The point is that they can also be around the brain. Maria Rescigno confirmed this already in 2008, in an editorial in an outstanding scientific journal Mucosal immunology. Until you check with them teamthree years ago, the existence of a certain barrier (specifically in the choroid plexus) that protects it from the effects of intestinal inflammation. When everything is working as it should, because if it triggers inflammatory pathogens, for example, Metronactis receives its function of opening and closing: “Let’s imagine it as if it opens the door of a building, allowing unwanted substances to climb the stairs and reach the headquarters. to him every approach, so that he would admit no one. Here, this very thing, how we also reach the typical phenomena of anxiety or depression, for example in patients suffering from ulcerative colitis. Recently, a researcher published an informative book on the brain-intestinal axis; The ingenious microbiota (Vallardi), where he refers to various “pathologies, especially of the central nervous system”, he also refers to problems with the most widespread syndrome, such as irritable bowel syndrome. And in which he provides many and very useful practical advice, as well as scientific explanations. For this CV, if it is the one that says “some causes of anxiety and depression are to be sought in the bowels”, even in the absence of full pathologies, it is clear that this is not some eruption. .

About the anti-anxiety and depression diet (and more);

“Anyone who suddenly begins to suffer from anxiety or depression and is not aroused by the event, must ask themselves if they have changed anything in their diet”, continues Maria Rescigno, who in suggesting a correct diet confirms the value of one Mediterranean – but real; – “Especially rich in fruits, vegetables, vegetables and whole grains, because fibers are contained in these things, which encourage good bacteria.” Famous symbionts, in short. However, to remove or prolong “food beyond the process and” added sugars“. Also to avoid a short distance: “People who feel a little anxious or depressed, tend to eat these premium foods, which have a devastating effect on the intestinal microbiota. In a mechanism that is more difficult to control, because we tend to want more and more. In addition, compound sugars and simple sugars should be avoided altogether animal press. “Like a classic cake with cream.”

What is the microbiota?

Finally, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but to know if your host symbionts and pathobionts have a good relationship, “Intestinal microbiota testing says little or nothing.” There are also more in pharmacies, but they provide summary information. It is much more useful to check the shape of the feces with the Bristol scale: if the balls are like a goat, it means that the microbiota is more fermentative, often associated with irritable bowel syndrome and associated with constipation; A stool of sausage instead signifies a better condition; soft, more pronounced inflammatory microbiota, often characterized by D syndrome of the irritable bowel type and associated with diarrhea.”

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