watchOS 11 launches a new vital signs app and more workout information

Apple Watch this mostly means health and fitness data, so it’s no surprise that the new watchOS 11 announced in WWDC 2024 yesterday offers even more functions of this type (you know how to create custom interval workouts with Apple Watch?).

New operating system of Apple Watches, coming this fall, introduces a new app to monitor vital signs, vital, a deeper understanding of workloads and much more: let’s find out what’s new.

What’s new in watchOS 11

watchOS 11 it does not introduce new ones Numbers and does not include Apple Intelligence, but will allow you to receive summaries from your iPhone on your watch. That said, here’s what’s new.

The Vitals app

The new Vitals app lets you see the most important parameters at a glance, such as heartbeatsfrequency respiratory, there the temperaturesleep duration and blood oxygen level.

When two or more metrics are out of the normal rangethe app will alert users and show how changes in these specific parameters may be related to other aspects of the user’s life, such as alcohol consumption or medical conditions.

New training loads feature

New function Training load allows you to measure how the intensity and duration of workouts affect the body over time by measuring the strain placed on the body during workouts over time the last 7 days compared to the latter 28 days.

The idea is to give more information athlete to help him decide whether to train more or less, or keep the same pace.

To measure intensity, a new assessment effort, which will allow you to monitor the difficulty of training on a scale from 1 to 10.

Types of training cardio the most popular ones will benefit from an innovative algorithm that will automatically generate an estimated effort rating using a combination of SOuRCES from data, such as age, height and weight, along with information obtained during training, for example GPS, heart rate and altitude.

And it will be possible to manually adjust this rating by taking into account other factors, such as tension or bitterness.

More customization for Activity Rings and Vacations

You are sorry that an injury or illness is destroying you SERIES of medals? Now no more. With watchOS 11 you can pause rings for a day, a week, a month or longer.

Like the iOS 18 updates, the Fitness app gets a more customizable summary tab, including the day of the week, and the ability to organize widgets that show the metrics you care about most, including new ones for running, walking, of i swim AND awareness.

Smart collection with real-time activity and photo watch faces

with watchOS 11, there Smart collection it’s even smarter, thanks to new widgets, including ones for Shazam, Photos and Distance, and can suggest widgets based on time, date, location, daily routines.

Additionally, real-time activities are now available in Smart Gallery, and new interactive widgets let you interact with an app directly from Smart Gallery.

As we said, with watchOS 11 Apple has not introduced new numbers, but has renewed call Photoswhich now helps users choose the best photos and offers suggestions based on aesthetics, makeup and even facial expressions, creating automatically the best composition.

In addition, the Photo number integrates dynamic mode which shows a new image every time you raise your wrist.

Extra help for pregnancy

With watchOS 11, iOS 18 and iPadOS 18, Apple introduced additional support during pregnancy. When you indicate your pregnancy in the Health app on your iPhone or iPad, the Period Tracker app on your Apple Watch will show your gestational age and allow you to Record the symptoms which are encountered more often.

The user will be prompted to review and modify aspects such as threshold for notifications in high heart rate, as the heart rate tends to increase during pregnancy.

Other news

Other news concerns the Translate appwhich now comes to Apple Watch and allows you to translate in 20 languages, and double tap to move within any application, such as Messages, Calendar or Weather.

Not only that, but the app too training will also add GPS routes for many types of training, including football, American football, Australian rules football, outdoor hockey, lacrosse, various types of skiing, snowboarding, golf and outdoor rowing. You will also be able to create exercise in the pool personalized settings and view turn-by-turn navigation directly from Apple Watch in the Maps app even if you don’t have a phone with you.

Finally, Apple has improved the information about the ticketsincluding data such as the opening time of an event or the start time of a show, and Tap to Cash lets you send and receive Apple Cash by holding your Apple Watch close to another person’s Apple Watch or iPhone.

When watchOS 11 is coming and at what time

watchOS 11 will be available for Apple Watch Series 6 or later, which is certainly bad (and unexpected) news for first-generation Apple Watch Series 5 and SE owners.

watchOS 11 will arrive in the fall of this year along with the new ones Apple Watch 10which may represent a novelty for the tenth year celebration of the series.


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